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My visa-free stay in Turkey is coming to an end, and so I need to get out of here for a few months. The Caboose is staying in a friend’s garage, I’m boarding a bus back south to Samsun.

Looking out of the bus window feels like rewinding a video-tape and watching the story unfold in reverse: Gerze comes before Yenikent comes before Yakakent comes before Alacam comes before Bafra. The ride takes a little less than three hours, and it seems to be over in a flash.

Then I’m in Samsun. This time I’m staying downtown, not in the fancy beach district that is Atakum. I go out and have some food. It has rained, and the streets reflect the lights of the city. Two more days of Turkey before I’m getting out for three months. I find a dark basement bar and order a glass of raki.

Caboose in Sinop

bus from Sinop to Samsun

bus window near Sinop

Samsun at night

restaurant in Samsun

rainy night in Samsun

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