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Gerze, someone has told me, used to be a very beautiful town. That was until it burned down a few decades ago. It was subsequently rebuilt, and now almost all of it looks newish and rather uninspired.

After taking a little walk down to the harbor, I concur. Gerze has an awesome geographic location, and it looks very picturesque from afar. But once you get closer it seems to be lacking in terms of atmosphere. In fact, it reminds me of certain German cities that were rebuilt maybe a tad too hastily after being destroyed in World War II.

There is, however, a sign that says DELMENHORST in Gerze. Delmenhorst is a German town not very far from my home. I vow to find out what the sign means and why it’s there, but I end up going to a park that has benches that look like very long cows.

And there, in the park, I see him.

At first I’m not sure if it’s really him. Why would he be here of all places? But he’s got the pageboy hairstyle. He’s got the sword. He’s swole. He’s got the tiny leather underpants. He’s got the butt. And he’s got his friend, the Battle Cat. He really is He-Man.

And so he stands around, here in Gerze, forever lifting his sword, forever staring into the distance, never Prince Adam, always He-Man, and sometimes little kids take pictures with him.



street in Gerze

pier in Gerze

Gerze harbor

Delmenhorst in Gerze

park in Gerze

He-Man in Gerze

He-Man looking at something

He-Man's pants

He-Man's butt

the Battle Cat

kid with He-Man

He-Man looks shocked

  • Simpson

    Well caught up on some of your recent posts. You are still doing it!! How amazing you are. I have been to Turkey several times but mostly in Tourist places…i took buses and stayed at cheap places. The Turks are somewhat of a mystery to me. In 1971 I took a train across turkey in the winter. I was cold and scared, just 21 years old. I got to Ezerum and continued to Iran. 7 years ago I got to Capadocia and Pulmukuli. Sp???

    Anyways there is an old guy in upstate watching you and somewhat envious. A little too old to travel now but I did just renew my passport.

    Stay safe….the world seems to be going to shit.


  • Alessio

    The butt photo was hilarious! 😀


  • Joshua

    Awesome find
    Cool Black Sea town it seems


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