The Longest Warrior and the difficulty of doing nothing

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Remember how a while ago I started making merchandise for those who wanted a part of The Longest Way? Well, here’s a brand-new shirt:

The Longest Warrior shirt

And not just that. There’s also new mugs and other stuff:

The Longest Warrior mugs

The design is called The Longest Warrior, and it was made by The Pumpkinbear:

The Longest Warrior design

Oh, and I’m going to be staying here for a while. Maybe a week or two, or maybe more, who knows. I will be trying to do something I haven’t done in a long time: turn everything off. And do nothing.

my feet in the Black Sea

I remember one summer when I was fifteen or sixteen, some friends of mine came to my place one day and found me sitting on the couch.

What are you doing? they asked me.

Nothing, I answered.

And it was true. I had been doing nothing at all.

I want that back.

  • A.Z.

    Hi LaoLei,I find you.How to buy the goods from your brand?


  • JK

    You can click on the highlighted areas in the text: “brand-new shirt” or “new mugs and other stuff” on this site.

    Hope the blisters on your feet are healed and you’re feeling good! Doing nothing can feel really good but accomplishing something feels great!
    Stay strong or become it again!


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