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I bought a set of four tennis balls. Three of them are totally new and clean, because they stay at home in their base, while the fourth one is a bit dirty from accompanying me when I go outside for my little space walks.

I like that ball very much:


And I found myself wondering why that is – why having that ball makes me so happy.

I think it’s a combination of two things: on the one hand, no matter how much I squeeze it, it always goes back into its original shape. The ball doesn’t seem to care how it gets treated, it’s extremely reliable that way.

And yet on the other hand, when I bounce the ball on the pavement it sometimes hits little crags or rocks and bounces off in totally unforeseen directions. This means it rarely behaves in boring, predictable ways.

The ball, I conclude, is a perfect friend: robust and reliable, yet interesting and playful.

No wonder dogs love them.

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