prints from Turkmenistan

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Bradley Nowell used to smoke two joints in the morning. I eat two bananas. And I make tea. There’s a glass pot in which I brew it, and then there’s a thermos from which I add hot water. Thus is the Persian way. Or that of the Azeri. I used to be into green or jasmine teas, but lately I find myself pouring glass after glass of black tea, preferably from Lahijan or from Astara.

Space is not so bad with Sublime and bananas and tea.

Oh, and the prints from Turkmenistan just went online:

prints from Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan was a weird place to walk through. I had to wait several months for a visa, and then they gave me 15 days and an entourage.

Turkmenistan album

I walked 500km, crossed cobra-country, found a dog and lost it later.

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