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having a ball

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Every morning I go out for a little walk, up here in space. Of course I need to put on a space suit and gravity boots and leave the space station first, but that’s okay. I walk the exact same distance every morning, 4.5 kilometers. There’s a family of Canada geese, or space geese, around […]

prints from Iran

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Those of you who have ordered their TLW prints, shirts, mugs, or popsockets – I hope they bring you joy. My long-time editor sent me a picture of the green TLW pixel travel mug he got, saying he loved it and that the lid wasn’t a completely tight fit but that this wasn’t really a […]

prints from Turkmenistan

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Bradley Nowell used to smoke two joints in the morning. I eat two bananas. And I make tea. There’s a glass pot in which I brew it, and then there’s a thermos from which I add hot water. Thus is the Persian way. Or that of the Azeri. I used to be into green or […]