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Just wanted to let you know that I’m not alone up here. These two are with me:


They wish it to be known that they probably had lips to cover their teeth. And, being basically very large (and very dangerous) ostriches, they probably also had feathers. They had them not in order to be able to fly or keep warm – but because they wanted to be fabulous.

Those were some roaring summers 68 million years ago.

For those of you who might have been wondering what else I’ve been up to, I recorded a short video.


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  • MM

    Thank you for the generosity of your message. I, too—a random human in Colorado USA who has followed from afar and gained inspiration and meaning from your physical and emotional journey over the years—have been concerned. It’s good to see you. Calm and focus will distill from the turbulence. Peace and warmth to you,


  • Robert Quance


    I am very happy to see you alive and kicking. I hope that the future holds more walking, but remember, the future is a long time and the time has to be right.

    I don’t think you have lost anything, though I’m sure you have changed in unexpected ways. Walking for 10 years will surely change anyone.

    And regarding the rain, and how the perception of a difficult time changes (and sweetens) over time: Remember that in the moment, no matter how hard the rain and how thick the clouds, the sun is always shining above the clouds.




  • Lahut

    You have to have a dialogue with yourself. Is it really important to walk all the way to Germany? What are you trying to prove? And to whom? You have already accomplished a great feat by walking from Beijing to the edge of Europe.

    It can get overwhelming looking to the end and the distance still remaining. Perhaps what you need to do is shift your focus. Instead of focusing on walking from China to Germany, take one country at a time. Your themes can be “walking through Georgia” and then “walking through Turkey”, etc. Completing the journey through a single country is a major accomplishment in itself.


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