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I just got done with Game Of Thrones. My verdict: watching GOT is like having sex with a very attractive (and rather kinky) person who gets tired about half-way through and ends up denying you an orgasm.

But seriously, it was awesome for about four seasons, then it started to slump (yet it still had its moments) until season seven or eight, when for some reason it was decided that GOT was just going to be another tv show, deus ex machina and all.

On a side note, I have started making PopSockets with the TLW Pixel Art on them:

TLW Popsocket

You can get them in a variety of colors (dark grey, orange, blue, crimson, light blue, pink, green, or white) but as of now the only place that makes them is Amazon in the US:


And yes, I have a very arrogant unilama (lamacorn?) on my phone.

Such is the way of The Longest Way.

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