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Something interesting is happening. A few days ago, I noticed an uptick in the comments I received on YouTube. The weird beard video was bringing in more views than usual, and, judging from the comments, many of them were due to YouTube’s internal recommendations: someone would be watching something, and then the system would automatically recommend my video to them.

This wasn’t completely new. I had noticed these spikes in activity due to YouTube’s recommendation system before, usually about once or twice a year. Only this time the effect was much bigger: over the last few days, the video has raked in more than 4 million views.

We are now at over 30.000.000:

30 million


Luckily, the comments I am receiving seem to suggest that most viewers are happy with the video. There are many questions: do I look like Bob Ross? Yes. Do I look like Marv from Home Alone? Yes. What happened when the caption said -heartbreak-? Life happened. etc. etc.

Rewatching the video, I am again struck by what I remember to be the happiest moment of my walk through China – my afternoon with the little friends:

little friends

I wonder where they are now. It’s been more than ten years, and they must be adult or approaching adulthood. I hope life has been as kind to them as they were kind to me.

Here’s to them, the little friends, an virtual hug from space.

  • Alessio

    Looking forward to seeing the last leg of your journey through Europe! 🙂


  • Robert Quance

    Chris, Congratulations on the 30,000,000 views milestone. I have watched it several times and I always see something new that I had not seen before. So I hope the extra traffic helps fund the way home.


  • Rob Burdock

    I’m one of the ones netted by YouTube’s recommendation of your beard video, and now I’m hooked. To think a week ago I didn’t even know that you or your journey existed, and what a journey it is. Wow….

    Now I’m desperately trying to get up to speed :). Keep up the great work Chris, and thank you for showing us the (mostly) friendlier side of human nature, both in yourself and in those you meet during your travels. Continued success, and infinite blessings.


  • Kelly

    In the picture of you with your little friends your eyes are the happiest I’ve ever seen them.


  • kenuan

    Teacher Xie saved you?


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