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prints from Kazakhstan

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I’ve been adding stuff to the page where you can get prints from The Longest Way: As of now, the albums from China and Kazakhstan are both online. 5510km through China, 1180km through Kazakhstan: Sometimes it’s hard to believe. That it ever even happened.

cherish the love, fucker

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I voted. The process was easy-peasy: I electronically applied for postal voting, upon which I received my ballot papers in space, then I filled them out and mailed them back to earth. I finally voted. It made me feel particularly good this time since I had missed two earlier votes. One time, while I was […]

thirty million

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Something interesting is happening. A few days ago, I noticed an uptick in the comments I received on YouTube. The weird beard video was bringing in more views than usual, and, judging from the comments, many of them were due to YouTube’s internal recommendations: someone would be watching something, and then the system would automatically […]