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Space. There are no frontiers up here, there is only silence. Or maybe it’s “down” here, however you want to look at it. Up can be down, and that which is big can look just like that which is small. A black hole winks at us, and a molecule winks back. Castor and Pollux, one mortal, one divine.

Okay, enough of that.

I am continuing my quest to make merch for TLW, so here they are, the official The Longest Pixel Mugs:

The Longest Pixel Mug

I’m also making travel mugs:

The Longest Pixel Travel Mug

And little notebooks:

The Longest Pixel Notebook

And a whole bunch of other things.

You can have a look at it all over at Redbubble:

The Longest Pixel crimson stuff

There are a few different colors to choose from:

The Longest Pixel yellow stuff

The black isn’t totally black, though:

The Longest Pixel black stuff

Only space is.

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