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The bus station is a busy place. But the bus is there, the VIP bus to Shiraz.

Tehran bus station

There’s a sign that says SHIRAZ – ARGENTINIA in the front window. In English. Under the window it says GOD PLEASE HELP ME. Colorful lights are all around.

bus to Shiraz

On the inside of the bus there are two pennants, one of Real Madrid and one of Volvo. Over the driver’s head there’s a sign saying WHAT HAVE YOU ASKED. Maybe it has something to do with the GOD PLEASE HELP ME on the outside.

The main lights get turned off, and the inside of the bus turns into a volcanic red from the auxiliary lights. Moisture is covering the insides of the windows. A sign says 31 degrees celsius. That must be the inside of the bus. Outside it’s more like 4.

There was a little boy who was trying to sell poetry booklets. He followed the passengers onto the bus. His clothes were dirty, his poetry was from Hafez. I was told that when people buy the booklets, they often use them to look for answers in their lives. They make a wish or think of a particular problem that is troubling them, then they open the booklet on a random page and see what Hafez has to say about it.

inside of the bus

The boy has finally given up and left. The bus is humming and ready to go. Persian dance music is on, the temperature display has changed, but it is still very warm inside, and water is running down the windows. The seats can be reclined. There’s a TV that will show Persian soap operas later.

It’s the VIP bus to Shiraz.

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