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This is what I was looking at today, for a seemingly endless stretch of time:


Remember how I told you that I needed to get injections for my back? Well, my first shot was going to be today at 09:15 in the morning. It was a 200km drive, so I got on the road at 06:00. With the Caboose I would have needed ten days or maybe even two weeks for 200km. Now I was in a car, and I saw the loading docks in Hamburg rush past at five minutes to seven:


When I got to the hospital, I felt terrible. I had a cold, I had not slept very much, and I was nervous about the procedure. Sure, I had done it before. And not just one time, but three. But why let rational reasoning get in the way of anxiety?

Anyway, the injection went ahead without any complications. Only when I heard the low hum of the instruments and someone said “okay, I’m going to inject the needle a little bit deeper now” I got scared.

Very scared.

Everything was over rather quickly, and so I thanked the doctors and stumbled back into the changing booth. I looked at my face in the mirror, wondering briefly at the whiteness of my cheeks and at the dull look in my eyes, until I came to the realization that it might be better to sit down. Right. The hell. Now.


The people at the hospital were very nice. They told me that fainting was really no big deal. Lots of people did it. They were just going to keep me there for a little while, only to have an eye on me. Just in case.

And so I found myself looking at the ceiling.

It was like rebooting a computer.
Only more embarrassing.

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