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I had been feeling a bit conflicted about coming home for Christmas. There was a part of me that thought I should rather be on the road, no matter what.

Either way today was Christmas Eve, so I put on a nice shirt and a Santa hat:


Then I went to the supermarket to do some last-minute grocery shopping. Of course it turned out that everyone had had the same idea (of going shopping, not of wearing Santa hats):


So it took forever.

Then I went to Berlin to spend the day with my brother, but most importantly with this little dude:


He had come a long way.

It was decided that we were to go to church and watch a bunch of kids perform a nativity play:


The church was crowded, and the child actors were trying very hard to recite their lines about stars and kings and Baby Jesus.


It was boring but adorable.

  • Barb B

    Little dude portrait is overwhelmingly charming.
    I have come back four times to have another peek.


  • Jas

    Second that, Barb B. Love the new word, too. Had a hard time myself focusing on the nativity play and sermon this year and trust me, certainly not for a lack of cuteness dressed up as sheep. Didn’t hurt to allow my thoughts to drift and just be, though. Good to be home, despite everything changing including oneself.


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