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So today I finally had my appointment with the orthopaedist, and he told me that my back needed some injections. Fine, I had had that done before. I wasn’t exactly exhilerated about it, but what could I do. I would get the shots and do my exercises.

Also, the doctor told me that my feet weren’t actually that bad. They hurt, but there was apparently nothing wrong with the bones or the joints. I had simply put too much pressure on them, and they needed some therapy and some rest.

I was happy with these news, though I can’t say that I didn’t feel tiny a bit jealous of other long-distance walkers who didn’t seem to have these kinds of problems.

Anyway, the doctors then showed me how to wrap my feet in some ointment that was supposed to assist the healing process:

bound feet

Bound feet it was.

  • Stephane

    Mon ami,
    I am sure that the other long-distance walkers have these kinds of problems but they don’t talk about it or are too shy to admit it.


  • Dani

    dude, thankfully it’s nothing to really worry about, you just need a rest. Even the most athletic sportsmen need to rest. You’ll be back on track before you know it.


  • Vic

    I have had problems with my back and legs for years.
    After Therapy and injections mri and ct scans was diagnosed with sciatica stenosis this year I had MIS.
    Had a bonespur in vertebrae contacting tendons and nerves. That would inflame when walking. Had it ground down. Seems fine now.


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