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Awesome day! I finally got a copy of my new book to hold in my own hands:

Mein Langer Weg Durch China

“Mein Langer Weg Durch China”. This is a new issue of my National Geographic coffee table book “China zu Fuß” from 2012. We’d been planning this book for a while, and I remember telling you about how I started writing for it in the summer of 2017. Then, in January 2018, we did a poll as to what photo we should put on the cover, and the little kid in the orange sweater won a few days later.

Anyway, it’s a nice book, and you can read more about it here.

New book – yay!

In other other news, I went back to the radiology clinic today, and I got another MRI. This meant that I had a nice thick folder with a bunch of funny-looking pictures to call my own:

MRI results

Now I just needed to wait for the appointment with my orthopaedist to talk about the results.

I spent much of the rest of the day in this place – the Holländische Kakaostube (Dutch Hot Chocolate Parlor) in Hanover:

Holländische Kakaostube in Hanover

The place was mostly frequented by old people, and it had hot chocolate with all kinds of liquor.

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