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There were two reasons why I had come home. First and foremost, I wanted to be with my loved ones during the Christmas holiday. And secondly, I wanted to get my back and my foot looked at.

Back, you say? Yeah, there was that time in Almaty two years earlier when I had gotten treatment for back pains. It had never fully gone away.

My foot had started hurting last year, and it had gotten worse about a month earlier in Tbilisi. So I wanted to get that checked, too.

I went into the MRI today:

foot examination

Honestly, I really like it. Sure, it’s loud in there, and it’s not for those among us who feel claustrophobic. But it’s non-invasive, and it always reminds me of a mashup of Schranz and Star Trek:

fun with MRIs

Hail to science!

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