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When I went back to the tailor to pick up my pants, sure they had fixed them. But I figured I probably needed to buy a new pair sometime soon anyway. The problem was simply that my pants (along with the rest of my things) were getting old.

And so I decided to make some posters that people could buy if they wanted to a) have something to hang on their wall and b) support my quest for new pants.

It took me a while to come up with a template – I was going to edit some of my most beloved photographs from along the way in black & white and frame them like this:

TLW poster

I had six motives to start with:

poster motives

Now I needed to find a site that would do the job well.

Aaaaaaaand there was another thing. Today was November 27th. I had arrived in Tbilisi on October 21st. So I found myself staring out the window:

last view from Shartava

It was time to leave.

  • Marco

    Oh yeaaahhh it’s time to leave, time to go conquer Anatolia, baby! So did you manage to recover your strength during this month? I’m sure the Mother of Georgia will give you all the energy and willpower to walk till your Bad village in Germany 😀


  • 崔波



  • 崔波



  • kevin

    Where are your posters/photos for sale? You need pants.


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