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There was a tree next to the house I was living in. It stood in a parking lot, overlooking a part of the city, and it had a branch from which I could hang in order to stretch my back.

I tried to visit the tree every day:

my tree with a view

After a while I noticed that I had started referring to it internally as “my tree”.

Today in the afternoon (after visiting my tree) I went to Narikala Castle:

Narikala Castle

It was located on a hilltop, and I figured it must have been pretty impressive at some point, but now all that was left was a pile of ruins with a view:

inside Narikala Castle

I stayed there until the sun went down:

Narikala castle and Tbilisi

And – just like so many times before – I looked down upon the lights of Tbilisi, the place where I had been staying for a month:

nightfall over Tbilisi

Somewhere in there was my tree:

night view of Tbilisi

Then I said goodbye to castle ruins:


And I went back down into the old town and got a hot cup of tea, because I was freezing:

old town of Tbilisi at night

I wondered how I was supposed to walk through the cold.

How had I managed to do it before?

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