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Remember how I have been having problems with my foot over the course of the last year? Well, it’s not actually that bad, but I don’t want to mess it up and cause any serious damage, which is why I’m always a bit cautious about it.

So when I noticed an unfamiliar sensation that didn’t seem to go away after a little while, I decided to see a doctor about it.

I went to a hospital in Tbilisi, and they gave me an x-ray:

x-ray in Tbilisi

Everyone was very friendly, and they told me that there was indeed a minor problem, but that ten days of rest and a bit of medication should be able to do the trick.

I got some pills to suppress the inflammation, and I also got these band-aids that were apparently from Korea:

joint medication

I was mezmerized by the band-aids. To think that they had come here all the way from Korea – and that I was going to put them on a foot that had come here…

…all the way from China!

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