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Again I needed to write something. This time it was for my German publisher, they wanted a foreword for a book about traveling.

I had been struggling with this text for a little while, until I remembered the way I had written my books before: in the early mornings, with my phone and the computer and everything else turned off, with a cup of tea by my side, on paper, and with a fountain pen.

I didn’t have a fountain pen with me, but everything else could be arranged. So I went to a store and bought a notepad that was large enough to write stuff in it. There was a race car on the cover, and it said SPEED IS YOUR LIFE:


How appropriate, I thought.

And then I wrote the foreword. I’m afraid it might have turned out a bit weird because I had recently read Nikolai Gogol and loved the shit out of his style.

Either way I turned it in, and then I sat down and ate a pomelo:


Because I deserved it.

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