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Went to a little village outside of Tbilisi today. It was called Udabno, and there was not much to see there.

Just mountain roads:

mountain road

And a little village:


But it was some sort of miracle.

The village was located on the way to a famous monastery that people liked to visit. Of course this didn’t mean that anyone was going to stop there, though, until a few years earlier, when a Polish couple had bought a building and turned it into a hostel/hotel/restaurant/bar:


This might not look like much from the outside, but the hostel rooms were pretty nice:

hostel room in Udabno

And the hotel rooms (they were actually little cottages) were awesome:

hotel room in Udabno

All of this had led to a tourism boom in the little village, with private guesthouses springing up here and there:

home hotel in Udabno

Someone was even opening a second restaurant/bar right next to the original one:

second restaurant in Udabno

The little piggies that roamed the village roads didn’t care about any of this though:


They just quietly oinked at each other.

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