is this tea?

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Okay, no literature club today. I went and got my fourth rabies shot. Why so many, you ask? Well, the doctors had told me that even though I had previously been vaccinated, I still needed to get five shots in total.

So okay.

I was still trying to regain my balance. And this might sound a bit strange, coming from someone who has spent the bigger part of the last two years walking on the Silk Roads, but it was difficult for me to relax. I was used to working a lot: editing my videos / editing my photos / writing my blog / writing my diary / making sure all my footage was secure on multiple SD-cards and hard drives / responding to emails / planning things / updating social media accounts / etc.

I’m not complaining. Just trying to share a bit of my reality. Sure, there are periods of time when I am out there walking, and I am just in the moment. But there is also a bunch of stuff I do. And sometimes it can be a bit difficult to wind down.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about something. You see, I really love to take a bunch of ginger, cut it up and pour boiling water over it.

I call it “ginger tea”:

ginger tea

But here’s my question: is it really tea though?

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