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I walked around a little bit more today. There was a viewing platform onto which someone had sprayed the words U ARE UGLY NOBODY LOVES U:

u are ugly

There seemed to be EU flags all over town:

EU flag

And one time, I noticed an ad that featured the other Georgia:

Columbus, Georgia

Annoyingly enough, this American Georgia seemed to pop up first in most internet searches when one typed in GEORGIA. And it wasn’t even a country.

Anyway, Tbilisi was busy and big:

Heroes Square

I walked around pretty much aimlessly until I arrived at the central station:

Tbilisi central

In this area, Tbilisi wasn’t showing its picturesque side. There were a few seedy bars, some women who looked like they might be engaging in sex work, and a couple of young men in hooded sweaters.

I liked it. It wasn’t beautiful or nice per se. But it felt like looking at a person without makeup.

I got some popcorn:


And then I went home.

Daily video:


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