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I had been planning to leave today, but I ended up staying. There was more food to be had:


There was more time to be spent by the window, looking outside:

view from my window

Also, there was something I wanted to take care of. I wanted to develop a brand identity for The Longest Way, something that people would be able to easily recognize. So I figured that I needed a logo.

It had taken a lot of time and effort to find designers and talk to them, but I had eventually gotten a few good logo designs. I was going to use some of them in merchandise like the gunny sacks or the key chain fobs that I had. But one of them was to become the official logo for The Longest Way.

It was this one:

new logo

It had been designed by Miroslav Vujovic of Rebrander, an incredibly talented logo designer and an overall good dude.

I loved the logo for its simplicity and style. It was one line and a dot. It had a hat and a beard. The letters T, L, and W were in it. It was perfect and I loved it.

Now I only needed to incorporate it into The Longest Way.

Daily video:


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  • pingpa

    Very recognizable!


  • Ann

    Very creative design!


  • Laura Merrell

    I like the new Logo! Perfect for what you’re doing! I always get a kick out of watching and listening to you speak German when you’re around animals.


  • cheauwen



  • Alessio

    Love the logo!


  • ZZ

    It is not apparent which type of hat you are wearing in this logo, the one the hikers wear or the one that orthodox Jews wear… The swallow tail beard end does not resemble yours either.


  • Bea

    Hi Chris. Daumen hoch für dein neues Logo. ?? Ich bin am Nachschauen deiner Blogs und schaue mir all deine Videos an (ich war mehr als einen Monat im Rückstand). Etwas schade ist, dass man die Videos nicht liken kann wenn man sie direkt ab deinem Blog schaut (oder dann habe ich noch nicht herausgefunden wie man das macht). Also wechsle ich immer auf YouTube damit ich sie dort liken kann. Ich glaube es hilft dir am meisten, wenn deine treuen Leser dich weiterempfehlen und die Videos auch liken. Ich finde auch, dass deine Videos, verglichen mit früher (zu der Zeit als du fast „nur“ mit der Kamera gelaufen bist) viel besser geworden sind. Weiterhin alles Gute für dich – ich werde fleißig weiterlesen und -schauen und ich bin jedesmal gespannt wie es weitergeht. Keep doing it!


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