the dictatorship of the ticket

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Booking flight tickets is an act that makes you passive. You’re free to make all kinds of choices until you have your ticket. And then suddenly your life revolves around the time of your flight. You can still make little choices, if only to maintain the illusion of activity. But really you’re just passively waiting for the time of your ticket to draw near.

Or at least that’s what it feels like for me.

I was supposed to fly to Aktau in Kazakhstan today. So I packed my things and went to the airport. I checked in, gave up my luggage, went through the security checks, and then I was in:

Baku airport

Come to think of it, being inside of an airport makes you even more passive than just having a ticket. When you’re inside, most of your belongings are in other people’s hands, you can’t leave unless you want to make a scene, and your ticket tells you a place and a time when you have to be there.

You’re like an inhabitant of a totalitarian dictatorship.

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