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Some people have been asking about which drone I use for my aerial shots. Well, I used to have the DJI Phantom 4 (bought in China, carried through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan), but since Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan wouldn’t allow tourists to operate drones, I ended up selling it.

It was a bit big anyway.

So in the spring of this year, I got the DJI Mavic Air:

Mavic Air unfolded

It’s fantastic in the way that it combines the functionality of the Phantom with the size of a power bank (when folded):

Mavic Air folded

There are a few problems: The battery life could be better. The model I’m using routinely fails to get the recording time right in the video files. Sometimes the gimbal starts drifting. But overall, it’s a great device.

Oh, and one more thing:

water bottle

I try to drink a lot of water every day.

Daily video:

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  • Jan

    Hi Chris,
    DJI Mavic Air just got a competitor, tests are actually quite good (people where unhappy in the beginning when it came out, but now it seems to be better with the software updates). It is the Parrot Anafi (french company). So just for info if you want to see comparisons, they are on youtube. The anafi is slightly cheaper.


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