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The pink Macbook that I was using to sort my photos, to edit my videos, and to write this blog – it had stopped working. I mean, theoretically it did still work, it just had no power. The charging adaptor was kaput. I had tried to MacGuyver the thing for a while, but to no avail. This morning it had decided to leave me and go to accessory-heaven.

No computer meant no The Longest Way. So it turned out to be a good thing that I was hanging out in this café a lot:

le café

I asked my friends there if they knew a place where I might be able to buy a new charger. They said it would be difficult but not impossible. One of them went to a shop and came back. Went there again. Came back and told me to follow her there. I was asked a few specific questions about my computer, then I made a down payment. And then we waited.

There was a word in Farsi, a word more important than all the others: muntazir.


We hung out and did some muntaziring. We talked. We ate. We laughed. And then, a few hours later, my new power adaptor miraculously arrived:

Macbook charger

It seemed like the real deal, slick packaging and all. And, most importantly, it worked!

I might not look very relieved in this picture, but I was:


For my friends had helped me resolve a pretty massive problem – having a Macbook with no power adaptor.

You know, because hipster problems are problems, too.

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