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Being in Yerevan felt nice, but the road was calling me. Come back, come back! it whispered, the Caboose is waiting!

So this morning I went to the long-distance bus terminal and waited there:

waiting for the bus

The bus turned out to be just like the others before it: lots of leg room, half empty. My heart bled a little when we rode past Mount Ararat:

Mount Ararat from the bus window

I wanted to get out and breathe in the scenery. Walk around in it. Or sleep on the mountain flank.

We stopped somewhere near a little river:

rest stop in Armenia

And then, after a few more hours, we arrived at the Agarak border crossing:

Agarak border

It was the same procedure as before, just the other way around. I took a photo in the middle of the border, on the bridge between Armenia and Iran:

between Iran and Armenia

And then I was through. There were a few cars parked on the other side, presumably waitign for their owners to return:

cars on the Iranian side

I turned back to look at the flag, and it was then that I realized that the only thing illuminating this otherwise forgotten valley was the border itself:

Iranian side of the border

There would have been only darkness here without it.

Daily video:

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