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Woke up and worked my way through the leftovers from the day before. This meant more sushi, which meant more wasabi, which meant a thorough cleansing of the head, which meant space for happy thoughts:

sushi leftovers

I fucking love sushi.

Then I walked around in Yerevan for a while:

fountain in Yerevan

Took a time-lapse at Republic Square, a place that was just swarming with people.

Republic Square in Yerevan

I was surprised when these three wanted to have their picture taken with me:

photo with people

Or maybe the little dude on the left didn’t really want it so much.

I ended up hanging out with a bunch of people from Couchsurfing that night. We sat on top of the Cascades, talked about things, and decided this would be a good time to get drunk.

Luckily, I had bought some Armenian vodka for testing purposes:

Khent Vodka

So we tested.

And we tested:

Ijevan Vodka

And it’s all a bit hazy after that.

Daily video:


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  • Stefan Lee Goodwin

    Perfectly written. I’ve never indulged in proper Sushi – something I must do!

    Seeing all this good times with Vodka, remember your Vodka review website? Could you remind me what that is called? ?


  • Codey

    Hey Chris,

    Found your videos and love seeing parts of the world I’ve never considered going through your lens. Also love the writing.

    Which vodka did you prefer? Is Armenia sushi good?


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