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I went to the Iranian Embassy today. Their website said they were open in the morning, while people on travel forums said they accepted visa applications only in the afternoon. I wanted to be safe, so I went there in the morning.

They told me to come back in the afternoon, so I walked around confusedly for a while, until I figured that I could save some time by making my visa payment now, before actually having made the application. You had to go to a certain bank in the city center for this, so I went there, made the payment, noticed a sushi restaurant next door and sat down there:


In my confusion I ordered way too much sushi, but it was great.

Then I went and made my application at the Embassy, and I was very surprised when they told me to wait a minute (or maybe it was five minutes) and then gave me back my passport with the new visa:

Iranian Visa

After this I just wandered around Yerevan for a while. Sometimes it looked rather imposing:

government building in Yerevan

And sometimes it looked rather humble:

building top in Yerevan

It was different from anything I’d seen in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, or Iran, in that it had original American fast food franchises:

street scene in Yerevan

I stayed until it got dark, and then I went to a place called Cascades:

Cascades of Yerevan

Daily video:


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  • Ben

    How long does it take you figuring out all that visa stuff? I trying to get one for russia but i ended up paying 20€ more to get it done for me?


  • Stephane

    Hi, hi. A moi aussi il est arrivé de commander trop de sushis. Ça arrive quand la carte est mal expliquée: un ‘roll’, c’est un morceau, trois ou six? Hein?


  • Benjamin K

    Just arrived here after reading your epic blog! Thanks so much for sharing! If you need routing research ask Tony Managan if I’m any good. Happy to look for secondary roads on satellite images. Regards, and happy walking


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