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The night before had ended up as an impromptu vodka-party with a bunch of Iranian tourists. When I woke up this morning, I was hardly able to move. And since it was the weekend and there was no way to apply for my visa anyway, I decided to stay in.

I went out in the early evening, when the sun was just about to set, and I looked for a place to take my daily selfie in the neighborhood:

houses in Yerevan

Yerevan was a bit like Almaty – the building fronts looked well-kept and at times even impressive. But the back alleys had a different feel to them:

cars in Yerevan

I liked it.

One time an old lady who had seen me struggle with my selfie-taking procedures came out of her building and pointed at this sunflower:

sunflower in Yerevan

It took me a while to understand that she was trying to help me find something nice to photograph.

I walked around some more and into the night. Yerevan, just like any post-Soviet city, had a Pushkin street:

Pushkin Street

There was a graffito that said GOVERNMENT IS NOT A MAFIA:

Government Is Not A Mafia

I figured it probably had something to do with the recent protests that had culminated in a peaceful revolution.

And then there was a mirror that said BEAUTY AS A LIFESTYLE:

Beauty As A Lifestyle

I thought of the sunflower, and then I thought that Yerevan was full of subtle messages.

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