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My Iranian visa was due to run out in a few days. Two months earlier, I had been able to extend it, but there were not more possibilities for an extension now.

So today I got onto a bus to Tehran. It was a so-called “VIP-bus”, and it was pretty nice. At least the leg room was great:

leg room

We then rode a bit more than four hours through the mountains between the Caspian Sea and the plateau where Tehran was located. The road was winding like a corkscrew at times:

bus ride from Chalus to Tehran

When I arrived at a massive bus terminal in Tehran, the taxi drivers wanted an unreasonable amount of money, so I got angry and decided to walk. Maybe not all the way to may friend’s house, but I was going to walk somewhere!

That’s when I noticed Tehran’s landmark, the Azadi Square, in the distance:

Azadi Square from afar

I crossed a pedestrian bridge:

pedestrian bridge in Tehran

The traffic and the urban design reminded me of Beijing:

traffic in Tehran

And then I was there:

Azadi Square

At Tehran’s Azadi Square, a place that I had seen countless times in pictures and videos:

Azadi Square in the sun

Some young men were playing football next to the foot of the monument:

dudes playing football on Azari Square

I decided that, from here on, I was going to take a taxi.

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