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My last day in Fereydunkenar. I had finished my work and sent everything to the publishers. I used a hotspot I had set up on my cellphone to do this, because local Wifi connections were almost always terrible in Iran. The LTE coverage wasn’t so bad though.

When I was done, I went into the water and looked at the little beach town from there:

Fereydunkenar from the water

I wasn’t planning on going swimming in a lot of other places along my way, simply because there would not be much time with the walking and all. Maybe this was why I felt myself particularly enjoying this last day in the water:

Caspian Sea at Fereydunkenar

I tried to take an underwater selfie:

underwater selfie

Then I messed around with the camera for a while, photographing my hand:

hand under water

And my foot:

foot out of the water

And my legs:

legs in the water

Oh, and another thing! The last few days I had been frantically looking for earplugs, and today I finally found them in the fourth pharmacy I went to:


Walking along the highway was simply too loud without them.

Daily video:


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