I look just like Babrasse

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Did some more back alley wandering in Gorgan today. Looked at some old buildings, or sometimes just parts of old buildings:

old building in Gorgan

And I tried to learn from the photography style of my friend Evgene Chernyakov, but I found it to be very difficult:

back alley in Gorgan

I was utterly lost at some point, and this gentleman came and showed me the way…

gentleman in Gorgan

…upon which I was even more lost.

But some places are quite nice to be lost in:

blue door

In the end I managed to find the central mosque, and with it, the bazaar:

mosque to bazaar

The bazaar was awesome:

Gorgan bazaar

It was around the time of sunset, and many people were out food-shopping:

bazaar scene

All this was accompanied by the sound of the prayer call:

Gorgan bazaar at nightfall

When night had fallen and the shops were about to close down, I started talking to some of the vendors in the bazaar.

They were all very friendly:

vegetable vendor

And they seemed to enjoy having their picture taken:

fruit vendor

I asked them for directions to a restaurant, upon which two of them, Nasser and Amir, took me to one and invited me to dinner.

“Do you want to see an old house?” they said after dinner, and I said yes.

They took me to this place:

old house

A place where people smoked the hookah:


I loved the place. It looked old, not in the sense of “historic”, but in a more contemporary, artistic way. It felt as if someone had made a point of collecting some beautiful old things and use them to fill this place with history.

I sat there with Nasser and Amir and the other dudes, and they smoked and we exchanged jokes.


“Dude”, one of them said at one point, “you look just like this French painter, Babrasse!”

Babrasse? I asked. Who was that?

So they googled his picture and showed him to me:

I look like Bob Ross

Daily video:


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