to live in a house with an orange tree

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So apparently Gorgan has a nice old city center, a bit like Bukhara or Isfahan.

I walked around in it today.

There was a little shrine called Noor Imam Zade Holy Place:

Noor Imam Zade Holy Place

It seemed to be a pretty standard Shia shrine:


Lots of green. Lots of gold. A chandelier.

There were some alleys leading through a complex of restored old courtyards and houses:

women in an alley in Gorgan

They were very quiet and calming:

alley in Gorgan

One of the old courtyards was called Taghavi House:

inside Taghavi House

I found it to be particularly beautiful:

balcony of Taghavi House

There were quite of few of these houses though:

courtyard of Taghavi House

And they were all…

old building in Gorgan

…very pretty:

courtyard in Gorgan

Often when I’m out sightseeing in old places, I find myself daydreaming about living there. Imagine looking up from your bedroom window to see orange trees:

orange trees in Gorgan

This might not seem like much for a person from Gorgan, California, or Greece. But for me, the German, it was something that could fill me with unbearable jealousy.

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