I am a stranded space ship

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I was going to tell you about a German brand of foot care that I’ve been using on this leg of the trip. It’s called Gehwohl, and I have not had a single blister since I started using it:

Gehwohl foot care

But just as I was chilling in my hammock, getting ready to make a video about my new favorite foot cream, these little kids showed up:

village kids have discovered me

They were so excited about their find, it was as if they had discovered a space ship:

more kids

One of them ran off and came back with a tablet to take pictures:

tablet with my photo

We talked for a while, which was fun but mostly fruitless, because I still didn’t understand much Farsi:

girls and boys

But that didn’t seem to matter. They found me fascinating, and I found them utterly charming:

little dude

Daily video:


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  • Tommy LogancityO2S

    Those kids are absolutey adorable ….. I was about to say something like ‘shame they have to grow up’ which is totally unfair and (ashamidly) once again, biased on my part especially considering all of the amazing kind & hospitable people (young & older) you’ve encountered in your travels through Iran.

    Looking forward to reading and seeing more about the wonderful people of Iran in your future blogs.

    Take care dude.


  • Cathy

    Beautiful kids…


  • Meagan

    Awww the kids are adorable!! Even though they cut into your relaxing hammock time lol. I think It’s awesome how persistent they were with trying to communicate with you! And very sweet. It’s nice to see how open everyone is to meeting you and talking with you!


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