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My legs were still bad. Also, I still hadn’t decided which way I was going to take from here. So I stayed in and drank tea. I had it with nabat, a form of yellow rock candy that is very popular in Iran:

nabat rock candy

And I figured I’d tell you about the GPS watch I’ve been using for the last six years. It’s the one those little shits with the gun wanted to have more than one and a half years ago in Kazakhstan. It’s the Garmin 910XT:

Garmin 910XT

I love this watch, because it’s very reliable. It is sturdy. It has never failed me. And the battery is still good. It can record a GPS track for about 18 hours straight, which is more than many smart wrist bands can do.

Here’s a video where I talk about it a bit more:


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  • TomR

    Hey dude. I’ve been going back though the old videos recently including the one where those shirts pointed the gun at you (wow! shit dude!, that was over 1 1/2 years ago? wow! time has flown by fast), even that one where you where trying the 2 basil seed drinks (TLW 441) was 6 months ago but it’s amazing how much new stuff you pick up when watching the videos a 2nd time round.


  • Stefan Lee Goodwin

    Aha! The trusty Gramin. 18 hours track is insane! What a monstrosity that it switches to the Imperial system – #Metric4Lyf

    Wonderful to see you out again, man. I’m feeling like a cheeky walk again…?


  • Peter Geran

    No hair dressers over there ? Bamboo mat…. In Japan, its called a tatami mat. I used my Garmin GPs 76CSx in the high speed train in 2011. It recorded 305 km/ hour on the trip between Beijing and Shanghai.


  • Stefan Lee Goodwin

    (I seem to not be able to reply directly to your comment)

    RE:”when are you setting out again?”

    Honestly, as soon as possible – just in the process of creating some online financial streams to support myself.

    Missing the freedom, spontaneity yet predictable simplicity of the road, man.


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