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When I woke up I was still pretty tired. I went down to the breakfast hall and had two hard-boiled eggs, some cheese and some bread. And a lot of tea. There were no other guests around, but there were party straws:

party straws

Then I finally went ahead and changed the spare wheel of the Caboose:

fixing the Caboose

But there was still the problem with the original tire. Here’s the culprit:

pin in the tire

A motherfucking flat pin.

Hadi from the local bike shop straightened it out:

Hadi the bicycle guy

And he vehemently refused to take my money. Thanks, Hadi!

I went to a franchise fast food joint after that:

pizza joint

It was called Kasra, it was apparently all over Iran, and the pizza was a bit different from Italian or even American pizza. But I liked it.
Or maybe I was just really hungry.

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This one is pretty long and boring, sorry.

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