weird drinks in the land of no drinks

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I woke up, and things were good. It was my day off, the first of three to be exact. The last few walking days had taken their toll on me, and I was happy to just stay in and do some laundry.

I had rented the biggest room in the hotel, mainly because it wasn’t very expensive anyway, and because this was the only room that had a private restroom:

room in Quchan

And private restrooms are awesome.

Oh, and some of you probably know by now that I am a sucker for strange lemonades and other sugary drinks, right? Well, I got this Lychee Flavor Basil Seed drink, and it was… pretty interesting:

Basil Seed Lychee Flavor

Outside, the sun was burning down on the little town of Quchan.

And it was good.

Oh, and here’s a pretty stupid video in which I explain that I rented the hotel room because it “wasn’t cheap” and that the sign on the wall must mean “God is up there” when – as has been pointed out to me – it actually means Mecca is in that direction:


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