last shot

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Of course I was still scared of the injection. But there was an upside – today was going to be the last time I got one, and then it was going to be over.

getting ready for the shot

I asked the nurse to take a comemmorative photo:


Then I went to an oceanarium and looked at corals…


…at strange eels that were half buried in the ground…

eels hanging out

…and at one of the animals I like best:


Jellyfish. By the way, can we please all agree that the name “jellyfish” is total bullshit? They’re not fish. They don’t have vertebrae. They don’t even have brains. They’re cool as fuck and they don’t know it. I guess you could call them jelly. Or medusa. But I prefer the German word: Qualle.

It sounds like what it is.

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