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There were going to be three injections over a course of twenty-one days. Having bravely lived through the first one a week earlier, I figured that the second one was going to be easy as pie.

It wasn’t.

I had put on my Eazy-E shirt for additional support, but even that didn’t help:

about to get a shot

I wasn’t jocking the freaks, and neither was I clocking the dough. I was just scared.

Of course that didn’t change anything, though. I still got my shot, and once it was over, I sat down in the waiting area and waited. One hour. Two hours. Until at some point I felt halfway confident that everything was alright. So I left.

It had started snowing by now:

snow from the train

When I got home, the world was white again:


I checked the weather report on my phone.

There was no snow in Mashhad.

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