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When I made my first post on this site with a black and white photo of Hong Kong in October 2007, I figured that it should become a daily blog. I didn’t want to just share the most interesting moments of the journey, the triumphs and tribulations, but also the boring stuff in between. So when I set out on my walk on November 9th 2007, I started posting updates every day until October 29th 2008, when I stopped walking and flew home.

I have since picked up walking again, and so – naturally – the daily blog is up and running as well. But now I’ve been home for a long time. One month has turned into two. Three. Four. Almost five. And sometimes it feels strange to still be posting daily updates of my life.

But who knows, maybe I’ll be on the road again soon?

Anyway, I’ve been listening to a lot of Nujabes lately, and his music is so good, it feels like an acoustic flower garden somewhere in my mind.

The days are cold:

sun in Bad Nenndorf

But still I go and do my yoga:

way to yoga

With a dead Japanese DJ in my ears.

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