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My appointment was today, so I went back to the city:


Hanover has always been confusing to me. I’m from the countryside, so this cluster of 500,000 people used to be synonymous with “big city” in my eyes. And even today, after all these years and after having lived in Beijing (which is easily twenty times bigger) I still get confused by the metropolis that is called Hanover.

Anyway, I went to my orthopaedist, and he told me my inlays were good. I was happy. Then we talked about that weird thing I had noticed on my test walk the other day: my right leg was apparently weaker than the left.

He told me this probably had to do with my back. Remember my problems that came up more than a year ago in Almaty? Yeah, that same issue.

Oh, for fuck’s sake, I thought.

Then I took the train home:

Hannover central

What was happening?

  • Kelly Kitchen

    Hang in there Christoph. From the outside looking in you appear to be one lucky dude so just hang in there. What is the saying? “Into each life some rain must fall”. Not sure if that’s right but you get the gist. Keep your chin up, you’ve got lots of people behind you all around the world. And thanks for sharing your ups and downs. Take care!


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