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I have never done a test walk. I don’t like to slowly lower myself into a pool of water either. I just dive in. Doing a test feels like taking the fun out of something and turning it into work.

But today, with my new inlays and my new shoes and with the issues with my foot, I decided to give it a try and do a little test walk. Fifteen kilometers, nothing fancy.

I started in Luxembourg:

walking in Luxembourg

The city was a bit bigger than I had expected, which meant that I saw a shitload of concrete for a damn long time:


Then I crossed a highway, which meant that the city was behind me:

highway near Luxembourg

And it was.

Walking was okay. My right foot didn’t hurt, which was a good thing. But my right leg got tired earlier than the left one. I noticed because after a while my right foot didn’t roll over just as nice. It made tapping sounds, and it felt weak. I might have to exclusively train my right leg to counter this problem.

Oh, and it was somewhere near this place that I suddenly felt a burning pain in my left heel:


It was akin to being splashed with hot water, which is usually a sign of a blister that popped.

I decided to ignore it.

One thing about Luxembourg – there aren’t really that many sidewalks:

road to Bettembourg

I was happy when I reached the town of Bettembourg:

Bettembourg station

And I took the train back to Luxembourg.

  • Kelly Kitchen

    This is beautiful: Now, in an ideal world, the person wearing the devil horns in front of me would not have had to construct her identity along social fault lines. Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, level of income, level of education, status of health, etc. etc. All of this would not have mattered to her, as she would have fallen only into one simple category: human.


  • Ben

    i used to think that the state luxemburg is just a very big city


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