the observer effect

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I’ve been told to take little walks every day to break in my new shoes and inlays. Of course wearing newly prescribed inlays isn’t a very comfortable thing, because your body has to adjust to them, I already knew that. But they shouldn’t hurt your feet, either.

So I have to carefully observe what’s going on. Does it feel uncomfortable? Does it hurt? Is this something that I will get used to? Am I confident to try to walk hundreds and thousands of kilometers with these shoes and inlays?

I don’t know yet.

I take little walks, not long walks. Mostly I visit the dwarf beeches and look how they’re wearing the snow:

dwarf beeches with the snow disappearing

And I wonder about the observer effect: when you observe an experiment, you are changing the conditions of the experiment simply by the fact that you are observing it.

When I’m paying attention to my feet while I’m walking, it feels as if I’m not moving ahead naturally.

Today I walked a bit further than usually:

small lake

Hoping that all of this goes away soon.

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