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Finally! I just received both my new pairs of shoes, and both my new pairs of inlays:

shoes and inlays

(I put one new pair and one old pair of each in the picture to contrast them with each other.)

Lots of people have been asking me about walking. How? Why? Where? Which kind of shoes?

Some of these questions I’ve tried to answer before on my website. Others I can’t answer. Like the one about shoes. It really depends on what you feel comfortable wearing. Many brands are good. You have to just go to a store and try them on.

One thing I do know, though, is that it’s probably a good idea to visit an orthopaedist before you embark on a quest like this. I talk a bit about it in this video:


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So what’s next? Well, I’m going to wear my new shoes and inlays for a little while in order to get used to them and make sure everything is alright.

And then we should be ready to go.


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