how the calabash stopped being green

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I started counting days on November 9th 2007, when I first set foot out of my door in Beijing and started walking towards my home in Bad Nenndorf.

More than one thousand days have passed since then. Well, actually, it’s been even more than that, but I chose to only count the days that I spent involved with The Longest Way. For every day, there is one blog post.

I would have never thought I would get to the number 1000. One. Thousand. And I would have never ever thought that I would be spending this day here, in Bad Nenndorf, the destination of my walk.

Oh well.

Remember how a little friend gave me a painted calabash on a September day in 2010?

I still have it. Only it used to be green, but it’s not anymore:


I guess this is what happens when time passes.

Oh, and it looks like I found the child from the picture that we want to use as a book cover.

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