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Monday. Time to get rid of my old inlays and exchange them for a new pair:

orthopaedic inlay

But first, some more measurements needed to be taken:

foot scan screen

The inlays themselves were handmade, but the process of determining their ideal shape seemed to be quite sophisticated:

foot scan

I was going to go back the next day and pick up my new inlays, so for now I went to a place I knew well and hung out there for a while:


Munich had (almost) not changed:


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Later that night, I went back to my buddy’s place and we got us a large bag of Macedonian flips and watched another movie that I had never seen before:

Dirty Dancing

This one wasn’t bad either. Okay, most of the acting was rather stiff, and the dialogues reminded me of the excessively loud and clear delivery you would expect from a stage play. And then there were a few anachronisms that I found a bit confusing.

I’ve also been alerted to the fact that the female protagonist was a minor, so the whole “romance” is entirely inappropriate.

But if we’re willing to overlook these things and attribute them to a different time (the 1980s), then the story is fun and the dancing is great. The soundtrack is awesome. Oh, and I liked the looks the female protagonist was constantly giving her partner, her pining and her yearning.

A pretty good (albeit flawed) film.

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