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Good news everyone!

Well, I went back to the doctor today, the one in Hannover who had asked me to go do an MRI a couple of days ago. Today we talked about the results of the examination, and he said my problem doesn’t seem to be that bad. According to him, the joints are actually quite fine, there’s rather some sort of inflammation of the tissue going on.

Anyway, I was very happy when I came out from the doctor’s office:


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Here’s what he told me to do: rest. This means no heavy walking for a few weeks. Then I’m supposed to take some medication in order to suppress the inflammation. And then I need to go to Munich to make new orthopaedic inlays for my shoes. I always get them made there, ever since the first time I started walking home from Beijing more than ten years ago.

Of course all of this isn’t really that ideal. But it’s way better than having to deal with some serious problem of the joints.

So today the sun looked a lot bit brighter than yesterday:


Even though it probably wasn’t.

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